As per the WA regulations it is mandatory to install safety barriers around pools and spas to assure safety and security. These regulations aim to protect young children from accidents and risks by making the areas around pools and spas practically inaccessible to them.

We can assist you with the installation, maintenance and repair of doors and windows that constitute an aspect of the safety barriers installed around pools and spas. We can provide all the installations, and tools required to fulfil the pool safety requirements are they be child safety latches, pneumatic door closers, chains stops, window winders, or tough and hardy meshes used for meshing barricades and installations around pools and spas.

Perth Door Doctor has the expertise to repair and service all doors, windows and barricades that have hither to been installed or upgraded to meet the pool safety requirements. We offer an assortment of such services like repairing or  replacing the gate springs, safety latches, and hinges, servicing and maintaining the sliding doors to assure that the slide smoothly, replacing or reconfiguring the pneumatic hinged closer, and fixing pool window stops.