At Perth Door Doctor, we specialise in flyscreen repairs and have the knowledge and skills required to perform the job. We can remove a broken flyscreen and replace it with a brand new flyscreen. We have a highly qualified and experienced team and our own specialists that can setup and install the flyscreen. We can require your existing flyscreens, security screens, hinged or sliding security doors with quality products in all areas of Perth.

Remeshing Screens

We know that most of the doors and windows bear with a lot of wear and tear. At Perth Door Doctor we offer screen Remeshing service for aluminium frame remeshing. You will certainly agree that remeshing the old aluminium frame is always better and cost effective as compared to replacing the entire installation.

We have the skills, competency and the technology needed for remeshing your aluminium frames in a competent and satisfactory manner. Our customers can readily contact us for an inspection of their aluminium frames and knowing what can be done about them in case their screens are old or damaged.

We really love to extend a professional and sincere advice to our customers. Moreover the icing on the cake is that we offer to our customers a wide range of materials and brands, while catering to their remeshing needs and requirements. We feel good to say that we can provide screens and meshes in consonance with the wishes and requests of our customers. Besides, we are always happy to provide onsite inspection and service.

Give us a call 0431 059 515 and speak to our specialists today!